light: across time or in an instant


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Being awakened to wilder truths can be overwhelming. Human experience filters and distills enlightenment through centuries, yet you’re always free to take in more light than history has prepared you to receive.




trust the audience, honey


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Stephen King says the scariest time is just before you start. Baloney! No disrespect to the master — he knows a thing or two or plenty about writing that I’ve surely yet to learn — but the scariest moment isn’t at the beginning when your terror’s mitigated by hope and gumption and the innocent desire to discover what will happen if you really see this thing through. No. The scariest moment is five minutes after you finish. That’s when thinking about and preparing for the striptease becomes the moment you rip the curtain down and face the stage. And it’s your book going out there, not you.

Your task is to push it out onto the stage and say: go ahead — trust the audience, honey. Trust them to receive you while I collapse in a heap of exhaustion and pray for your success. Trust them not to throw rotten fruit at you or look away before you get to the good part. Trust them to love you better than I have — because you don’t belong to me anymore; you belong to them.

Writing is about as humbling as it gets — it’s 100% service. Service to the idea that hired you and the characters who confided in you and the audience that may or may not grant safe passage for the unveiling of a lifetime.

“A person who publishes a book willfully appears before the populace with his pants down.” ― Edna St. Vincent Millay

“Publishing a book is like stuffing a note into a bottle and hurling it into the sea… You never know who your readers might be.” ― Margaret Atwood

“Writing is a socially acceptable form of getting naked in public.” —Paulo Coelho



For years no one else but me had access to what’s between the covers. 🔮 Now it’s time to shout (and cower) (and hope) and sigh, so glad you can pick it up and pass it on.

The LOOK of Amie Martine

306 Pages | ISBN 1523664339 | Amazon

The POWER of Amie Martine

438 pages | ISBN 1986913783 | Amazon

write our history free


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What if we could break the paradigm of war, strife and human suffering within our lifetime? What if love and saner choices really could prevail?

What if you had the power to set that degree of sweeping change in motion?

The POWER of Amie Martine

Novel | ISBN 1986913783 | 438 pages | Sequel to The LOOK


He knew when it happened, it would be strange and woefully wonderful.


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fear grips on – i’m typing anyway


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Now that the sequel is finished and available to the world, I’m finally catching a breath. I remember how this felt two years ago and am so glad to have pushed through!
The POWER of Amie Martine
ISBN 1986913783 | 438 pages

Laurie Perez

Writing book two, it turns out, is more terrifying than writing the first in the series. It’s more terrifying as the downloads of scenes and dialogues and meaningful discoveries line up to be delivered to the page – each bigger than the last (will I be able to type that fast?). It’s more terrifying as the sense of obligation to these characters roots deeper, pushing down into the unseen well. It’s more terrifying – but also more compelling. More than the first, writing the second book is something I can’t not do.

After The LOOK, The POWER of Amie Martine is a non-negotiable promise to be kept. Each new page turn effects (on a personal scale) the next rotation of the earth – a pulse essential to my heart – respect for a binding agreement to have more fun, be more true, excavate something undeniably new.

The sun can only be seen by the light of the sun. ~image with a poem by Attar, translated by Coleman Barks

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take the ride


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New characters to discover : known characters to further uncover : things done wrong for the right reasons {maybe?} : so much happens in eleven chapters. . . Years waking, dreaming, not-sleeping to bring it out so you can enter and take the ride.

The POWER of Amie Martine

ISBN 1986913783 | 438 pages


Amie Martine — Deceiver, Anti-healer, Wielder of The LOOK & Powers Emergent

D Dodds Berry — Poet, Lover, Bringer of Gems

Connor Berry — Agent of Numbness and Death, Bringer of Whiskey

Faas Offerman — Killer, Avatar of Danger, sometimes called Attar by mistake

Orpheus — Agent of Chaos and Cacophony

Sunny — Producer, Movie Star, Pilot, Pusher of Limits

Nigel — Bajan Guesthouse Owner, Witness to the Inexplicable

Oriana, Maxine and Riordan — The Unborn

Temujin — Purveyor of Sweeping Change, Fear and Ferocity, aka Genghis Khan

Carter — Neighbor, Reveler, Witness to the Impossible

Kate — Midwife, Kenyan Immigrant, Agent of The Mystery and Birth

The Actor — Shapeshifter, Bringer of Wine, Wielder of Compassion

Eurydice — Timeless Come-hither Liberator, Gatekeeper

Ahm — UN Operative, Underground Networker, Zaatari POC

Sammy — Peacekeeper, Socotran Transplant, Bringer of Coffee

Attar of Nishapur — Great Grandad of Sufi Poets, Purveyor of Awakening & Riddles of Consciousness

The Leader — Keeper of Wounds, Agent of Widespread Malevolence and Brutal Death





St. Vincent and the Grenadines


Washington D.C.






“He knew when it happened, it would be strange and woefully wonderful.”


The POWER of Amie Martine


harrowing and resplendent


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Simple. Elegant. Powerful. Realistic.
Lighthearted, silly and transformative.
Much too curious to be all-knowing;
Too free to linger in the clueless dark.

I’ll meet you here. The moment you feel ready.


The sequel is nearly complete. I so passionately wanted to release it in the autumn of 2017 — but, as millions around the globe know all too well, last year was a greedy bastard bearing down on focus, wearing thin our collective stamina for anything that wasn’t urgent and immediate.

On new year’s eve, my family lit sparklers and noted how brief and brightly they wrote light into the air of a dusty trail beside a shallow canal. I felt the 2017 spell crumble and dissolve. The next day — the quintessential first day — the material coming through became unstoppable. And so the sequel is rapidly realizing a completed book as fast as I can type. I’m harvesting surprises daily; entering scenes rich in anguish, loss and marvel; encapsulating territories harrowing and resplendent.

The day’s coming soon when I can hand Amie’s experiences in The POWER over to you. Not in autumn when leaves fall and trees go dormant, but in spring when micro-bursts of anger and surges of resilience result in blooms and fruit ripe for picking.

Stay close. Be ready.

My life more than once
has changed in an instant
that took years to form.
—Amie Martine


the self-satisfying craving

Whatever fuel I need
is inside the work itself.

Laurie Perez

Nearly 7am and I feel sleepy, blurry and clear — I surrender to the beauty of what I have summoned — I surrender to receive more fully, more immediately — more deliciously — more spontaneously — more surprisingly — more expectantly, too! I am in service to the passion compelling me to complete this book — trusting in the muse and my ability to bring it forth — trusting in the amazing structure that has so far set itself up for me to write within.

—Excerpt from a journal entry typed at the speed of light on 01.16.14 when my work on The LOOK was just beginning and I craved the stamina to see it through — realizing as I typed: whatever fuel I needed was inside the work itself.

I am a nobody, just a squatter sitting in the dust
Of the public street; and yet these sacred beings from

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the want criteria

Laurie Perez

Every action is a choice and there are only three types of actions to choose from:

Things you want to do.
Things you want to have done.
Things you don’t want to do.

You want to have done the laundry (clean clothes are delicious).
You want to have paid the bills (clean slates are liberating).
You want to have completed that assignment (fulfilled promises are your gain).

You don’t want to bark at your kids or co-workers (grouchiness isn’t sexy).
You don’t want to skip breakfast (running on fumes wears you down).
You don’t want to argue for your limitations (you know you’re capable of greatness).

You want to live a jazzy, very cool life.
You want to summon inspiration and encouragement from all available resources.
You want to be true to yourself, no matter what.

Keep clarifying what you want.

Be picky, in favor…

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