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“Pour yourself some Icelandic vodka, turn on some Nordic chill music, and get ready for an experience. I love Amie and you will too. Laurie Perez has a magical flair for descriptive storytelling. It’s magical and mystical. You’ll definitely want to go on this journey with Amie.” ~Beattles65

The Amie Series embraces life’s big questions with expansive scope and focused intimacy. The stakes are high, threats are dire and Amie’s power is both a curse and a gift. It begins with The LOOK:

“A beautifully written novel that had me on the edge of my seat. It is wholly original and full of the unexpected.” ~H. Axen

“Strangely intimate. Strangely nuclear and cosmic at the same time… Strangely euphoric in the way it hits secret passworded buttons that open niches, cracks and gates to hidden gardens in the mind that unveil insights. Beautiful.” ~P. Shukla

“It is luminous!” ~M. Schaller

“It should be made into a movie! It has the fire, it has the spark we all crave. I do not read many novels any more, but this… this book pulls you inside and you can’t put it down.”

“Her description of ‘oneness’ explodes in my mind…. The Look is one of those great books; it needs to be re-read and re-read.” ~M. Cheng

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BOOKSELLERS: The LOOK, The POWER and Laurie Perez’s first novel, TORPOR are all listed by Ingram | The LOOK of Amie Martine ISBN 1523664339 | The POWER of Amie Martine ISBN 1986913783 | Torpor: Though the Heart is Warm ISBN 1453684751

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“This cocoon you’ve been traveling in is meant to rip apart.” | The Amie Series begins in The LOOK and continues in The POWER.