About the Author

Laurie Perez is the author of Joybroker Math, Atomic Truths & Stellar Seeking, Torpor: Though the Heart is Warm, and the new novel: The LOOK of Amie Martine. She lives with her daughter, Sachi and partner Raul in Arizona and is affectionately known by friends and fans as the Joybroker. She loves weaving compassion, creativity and hedonism into an expansive reverence for life.

Browse Laurie’s Author Page on Amazon:

  • NEW: The LOOK of Amie Martine
  • + Joybroker Math
  • + Atomic Truths & Stellar Seeking: A Joybroker’s Guide to the Stars Inside
  • + Torpor: Though the Heart is Warm
  • + Breakthrough: How to Have Compassion for Those Who Do Harm

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Laurie’s Original Compositions and Spoken Word on Soundcloud

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Visit Joybroker Books on MagCloud http://www.magcloud.com/user/joybroker


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  1. Hi there! Just dropping by to say thanks for following my blog and keep up the good work!

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