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Someday, I’ll get to hear these lines spoken by an actor with a true Irish accent and the soul of a poet…

Spoken word version of a poem by D Dodds Berry, featured in The Amie Series novels. All images, music and words (c) Laurie Perez.

A quick note from the author: D is an Irish poet, raised in County Mayo in the west of Ireland, now teaching in the wilds of Arizona in the western US. Someday I’d LOVE to hear his lines spoken by an Irish actor… if that’s you, consider yourself invited: send me a track.


Colors don’t lurk in you, needing
to be turned this way and that,
begging harsh light to call them forth.
Frivolous diamonds expect you to bend
and squint and seek refraction from greedy
elusive facets keeping
all their vibrant secrets hidden
in the hard chisel of war-born crystal.

That won’t do.

For you it must be real.
Juicy, ripe, fired from Earth for
being too brilliant to abide our dust.
Not cold and distant like a taunting star
you’ll never reach within a lifetime,
but perfervid, nucleic fusion
burning away borrowed echoes
of self-limiting stars across all time
to venerate newness in a gem.

Like your pulse, the ruby dares
me daily to remember: we are
for each other alive
and alive for each other.

D Dodds Berry, in The POWER of Amie Martine, sequel to The LOOK  http://mybook.to/the-look ISBN 1523664339