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THIS is the episode in which Neil deGrasse Tyson and Kevin Smith speculated on a radical superpower. They were excited by the concept, even though Chuck Nice thought it might “kill comic books.” They all spoke as if the concept had never been developed. I was excited, too — because it HAS been developed — in two novels I’ve published! I want them to know these books exist.

The Superpower Kevin Smith told Neil deGrasse Tyson he wants: that’s The LOOK! 📚 ISBN 1523664339 Conceived in 2013, The LOOK has evolved through two speculative fiction books published in 2016 and 2018 as part of The Amie Series. A third book is in progress now.

Amie Martine is a complex (often flawed) character, worth much more than “a half page” as they mused near the end of the episode.

When Kevin Smith first described the idea, Neil deGrasse Tyson was moved and inspired. “It’s profound,” he said. Why put Lex Luther in prison when his heart could be rebooted… This is the line of thinking Amie Martine explores — reluctantly in the first book before taking it to the next level in the second. It is profound — a true paradigm shift. That’s why I’ve spent five years writing this premise in the Amie Series.

Learn more about The LOOK: The LOOK: a story by Spark


PS: Since I first squeed about this via multiple outlets and phone calls last week, several bright, enthusiastic friends (and a few supportive strangers) have urged me to “send the book to their agents.” Can you imagine the truckloads of books, gifts and myriad things aspiring sci-fi writers and avid fans send in that direction! Most are asking for something in return — a review, an endorsement, a public nod, etc. I just want to put Amie Martine on their radarbecause it’s relevant and timely in a unique way. Beyond that, I’d naturally love to think they’d enjoy the books — what author wouldn’t wish such an outcome — from any reader? If it happens organically, so be it. At a minimum, I invite discovery.

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