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Simple. Elegant. Powerful. Realistic.
Lighthearted, silly and transformative.
Much too curious to be all-knowing;
Too free to linger in the clueless dark.

I’ll meet you here. The moment you feel ready.


The sequel is nearly complete. I so passionately wanted to release it in the autumn of 2017 — but, as millions around the globe know all too well, last year was a greedy bastard bearing down on focus, wearing thin our collective stamina for anything that wasn’t urgent and immediate.

On new year’s eve, my family lit sparklers and noted how brief and brightly they wrote light into the air of a dusty trail beside a shallow canal. I felt the 2017 spell crumble and dissolve. The next day — the quintessential first day — the material coming through became unstoppable. And so the sequel is rapidly realizing a completed book as fast as I can type. I’m harvesting surprises daily; entering scenes rich in anguish, loss and marvel; encapsulating territories harrowing and resplendent.

The day’s coming soon when I can hand Amie’s experiences in The POWER over to you. Not in autumn when leaves fall and trees go dormant, but in spring when micro-bursts of anger and surges of resilience result in blooms and fruit ripe for picking.

Stay close. Be ready.

My life more than once
has changed in an instant
that took years to form.
—Amie Martine