Laurie Perez

Every action is a choice and there are only three types of actions to choose from:

Things you want to do.
Things you want to have done.
Things you don’t want to do.

You want to have done the laundry (clean clothes are delicious).
You want to have paid the bills (clean slates are liberating).
You want to have completed that assignment (fulfilled promises are your gain).

You don’t want to bark at your kids or co-workers (grouchiness isn’t sexy).
You don’t want to skip breakfast (running on fumes wears you down).
You don’t want to argue for your limitations (you know you’re capable of greatness).

You want to live a jazzy, very cool life.
You want to summon inspiration and encouragement from all available resources.
You want to be true to yourself, no matter what.

Keep clarifying what you want.

Be picky, in favor…

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