Whatever fuel I need
is inside the work itself.

Laurie Perez

Nearly 7am and I feel sleepy, blurry and clear — I surrender to the beauty of what I have summoned — I surrender to receive more fully, more immediately — more deliciously — more spontaneously — more surprisingly — more expectantly, too! I am in service to the passion compelling me to complete this book — trusting in the muse and my ability to bring it forth — trusting in the amazing structure that has so far set itself up for me to write within.

—Excerpt from a journal entry typed at the speed of light on 01.16.14 when my work on The LOOK was just beginning and I craved the stamina to see it through — realizing as I typed: whatever fuel I needed was inside the work itself.

I am a nobody, just a squatter sitting in the dust
Of the public street; and yet these sacred beings from

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