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“Strangely intimate. Strangely nuclear and cosmic at the same time – time that you point out is circular in the prologue, ‘We are not wired to process.’ Strangely euphoric in the way it hits secret passworded buttons that open niches, cracks and gates to hidden gardens in the mind that unveil insights. Beautiful.” ~P. Shukla

“This book is a masterpiece! It should be made into a movie! It has the fire, it has the spark we all crave. I do not read many novels any more, but this… this book pulls you inside and you can’t put it down… You will want to BE the main character. The books starts in a poetic way and it only gets better. One may think it’s fantasy, but if you are working in certain field, you know that what for one may be impossible- for another is a possibility and a reality.” ~Amazon Reviewer

“…a fantastical trip through the possiBilitiEs,,, smashing illusions, holding space for us to realize the expansiveness of our souls place in this human experience… what a gift she offers us, right here and NOW.!!! I love Amie Martine and so will you…” ~N. Halberstadt

“This novel is so beautiful! I certainly hope the author shares much more of her work with us all. Wonderful writing. It is luminous!” ~M. Schaller

“Every few pages, there’s a line that cracks me wide open. Or an experience that is exactly as I experience things. Or a way of describing something that fits precisely something I’ve been trying to understand, or at least hoping I’m not the only one who sees it that way.” ~M. Chai

“It’s like you are writing me as Amie… The being of the person. It’s incredible how you write similar to my experiences… I love it!” ~T. Wry

The LOOK of Amie Martine by Laurie Perez | ISBN 1523664339

The Amie series: novels for lightworkers, filmmakers, saboteurs, vodka drinkers, poets, myth lovers, Phoenicians, paradigm shifters, travelers, creatives, people who are stuck, people who are rising, introverts, extroverts, women, men, human beings – (yes, you!).