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The first step in getting anything done is showing up in the space where that thing takes shape.

  • If you want to wash a bowl, you’ve got to stand at the sink where the water runs.
  • If you want to get a bachelors, or masters, or PhD in X-Y-Z, you’ve got to enter into agreements with teachers and masters and academic button-pushers.
  • If you want to write a novel, you’ve got to spend time with your characters and show up ready to write.
  • If you want a meaningful, elegant life, you’ve got to start each day as if you’re right in the middle of exactly that: meaning and bliss, your projection from within illuminates this and that context.

Clear the space inside and show up, radiant grace-haven that you are, there’s work worth doing and it’s not the least bit hard. Your heart’s pre-coded to elevate the best you’ve got; upgrades and challenges, just enough to keep it interesting — love songs and power outages, wisdom in the dark — a clean and empty bowl, a degree in self-mastery, a story that matters, the meaning you impart simply by existing, exquisitely and routinely choosing to be more.