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We are here to wake each other up; no other reason I can see but this sacred, simple, meaningfully mundane purpose. We are here to wake up; we are here to wake each other.

Not that one person can MAKE another wake up. I need to re-phrase it. I can’t wake you up and don’t bother trying to wake me, either. But we provide the context for each other in which we wake ourselves. Catalysts. Matches in a dark room. Spur on tough hide. Spark, shock, shooting star, bucket of icy water over the head, clear affection, permissive silent acceptance, caught off-guard laughing, warmth, betrayal, gifts. The right word at the right time; the wrong word at the right time. Compassion’s neutral stamina. Someone who notices: you cut your hair! Someone who fills your coffee to the rim, sees your exhaustion, enjoys your enthusiasm. Discourages you, tells you it’s impossible, let’s you down, insults and dishonors you. The ones you forgive, avoid, deny, disappoint, seek, respect, love unconditionally, delight in, seduce and ravish.

Relationships are THE context of enlightenment.
The constant epiphany – if you care to notice.