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Please: A quick exit from monotony.

Simple grace blooming in the chaos. A clear sign you’re going the right way. Synchronicity. Dream becomes reality. Hand outstretched, negotiating with the Mystery for a miracle, an opening, a fix.

We pray. Or howl. Or sink down in passivity. We journal. And work out. Toss in a little Feng Shui. We shop. Diet and fast. Try on new looks. We bargain for first class tickets out of the haze, a lover to command our gaze.

When an epiphany comes, it feels like the answer to everything, until the next thing races in with some hot new confusion. Millions of refugees in one land make canvas and sand their home. Millions of cubicles harbor self-doubting nomads stalled in blurry purpose. Options for a brighter world open and close by the hour. Sixty to 70 beats per minute. Ten thousand choices before bed. Trillions of cells. Billions of galaxies. One story. One light. One reason everything happens for. That is You.

When it’s ugly, be beautiful.
When it’s sad, be kind.
When it’s oppressive, be free.
When it’s mean, be wise.
When it’s unfair, be flexible.
When it’s stuck, be in harmony.
When it’s confusing, confounding and crazymaking be willing to know what you already innately know:

that life is a luxury and a moment-by-moment choice and there is no authority greater than you deciding how golden You can be.