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Allow your heart to inform you differently, beat by beat refresh. 

The heart is a blank canvas woven continuously with fine electrical threads containing everything there is and ever will be to know about who You are. Love projected onto and emitting from this art is always inconclusive, vibrantly free.

You’re neither tattooed with being who you’ve always been, nor starting from scratch without substance or sugar: you are whole, complete AND forming. Be glad. And let it unfold, collaboratively — You and heart aligning, honing the subtle wiring as you grow, letting go and letting in the richness of belonging to some brilliant scheme worth trusting.

For extended contemplation
watch: http://youtu.be/zljZjc6Ukhk <- 6 min video
read: http://amzn.com/1495213862 <- book
play: https://soundcloud.com/joybroker/love-is-who-you-are <- song