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Like Yin and Yang, Night and Day, Cool and Steamy – Love and Innovation mutually sustain each other.

Love fuels innovation and creativity by awakening your drive to contribute to or shape the world in beneficial ways. You must love the process itself enough to maintain the stamina to see it through; and you must love the idea enough to trust its intrinsic value.

Love without a creative / innovative expression is stagnant. A couple can love each other totally, but if they’re not creating their relationship together, the love stalls in place and can even become moldy from lack of activation. It has to be re-created, innovated with ongoing mutual commitment. Self-love is the same way. You can love yourself clearly, but if you don’t activate that love through creative endeavors, it stays small and contained within you and loses its ability to fill you up.

That doesn’t mean you have to become an artist or architect or make music or invent the next generation of technology wonders leading to a Nobel Prize – you can activate love’s innovative drive simply by creating your life and pushing your Self to evolve within your own home, your very mind. Chances are, when you start there the other products follow, so consider yourself warned: greatness could lurk around the corner. (Hydrogen . . . Helium . . . billions of stars . . . us . . .if love’s not in the mix somehow, then why?)