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Why are you looking at what you are looking at? Is it because it looks good, or because we need to see it to move the story along? It should always be to move the story along and never solely because it looks good.

I love it when advice for artists cross-pollinates from one medium to another. This article on basic tenants of cinematography not only translates to things we should care deeply about in writing, but also underscores how no technique or high-tech gadget will ever be more important than the story it serves to deliver to an audience.

Our job is to serve the story — behind the camera, behind the words, and through the mind, heart, soul and presence we bring to light. 

Cameras don’t tell stories, people do. Since we can all agree this is the case, there is really only one thing you need to tell great stories… YOU.  –Matthew Jeppsen, The Five C’s of Cinematography