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“When I write, there is a feeling of necessity, of something that is stronger than myself, that demands that I must write as I write.” –Jacques Derrida

Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!
I took a minute over coffee this morning to read an article in Fast Company and tripped into this video. When I’m writing, I lose all ego and feel carried by the act of words coming through me. It’s transcendent and compelling. Then, later, as he describes, I have moments of real panic: can I say *that?* It feels precarious and scary and I question everything. And then I pick up the pages from the day and re-read them and there’s no doubting the lift I feel — I love where it’s all going. I love shredding old paradigms with grace and passion and plot twists that lead me down unexpected paths. A new line of dialogue pops into my thinking and I have to race to jot it down and whole paragraphs come crashing through with it… As long as I stay out of the way, the work works me.

Enjoy this moment with Derrida! It’s given me such great fuel to rev up this day. -L

PS: I adore the french verb “blesser” – to wound, hurt, injure.